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Q&A | A safe environment

What measures are installed regarding safety distance?

We have moved all inventory enough to ensure 2 metres of space in between each machine. We have also closed certain areas off for the current time being incl. the café areas and showers. Please, follow the signage placed throughout the centres regarding using disinfectant and keeping distance. 

Will you have have disinfectant available all places?

Yes. When you enter the centre we kindly ask you to sanitize your hands. Also, in between the exercises please disinfect the machines so they are clean for the next person to use. There will be disinfectant and sanitizer placed around the whole centre. As always, it is obligatory to bring a towel to use at the machines to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. Towels can be bought for only 3 euros in the centre. 

Can we still enjoy coffee or tea?

Yes, but the café areas will be closed. However, some centres may take out tables and chairs so you can enjoy it outside with the needed distance in between you, or you can take it to-go and enjoy it on your way home. Please, remember to fill your water bottle from home. Water can be bought for only 3 euros in the centre.

Can we shower?

In the beginning of the reopening period the showers will be closed off as part of our safety protocol. Lavatories will remain open and often cleaned and disinfected. We thank you for your collaboration and understanding.

Won’t the air carry the virus?

No. If you are keeping the advised distance from others you cannot catch the virus in the air. Besides that, LOOP’s ventilation systems has been upgraded since the reopening and will clean the air four times per hour. This will ensure a healthy and clean training environment.

Do I have to wear a mask and gloves while working out?

No. It is not obligatory to wear a mask nor gloves while working out. However, they are not forbidden to wear. If you do use gloves you still need to disinfect your hands the same as any other member.

I am still self-isolating, can I continue having my membership on pause? 

As before it is possible to pause your membership for up to 180 days. Pausing it only costs 1 EUR for every 30 days and in that way you won’t have to pay the registration fee once returning. Just send an email to your local centre and they will put your membership on pause.

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Q&A | A safe environment

Updated information on safety and prevention of the coronavirus.

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