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Would you like to own a LOOP Fitness center? Become a franchise partner


About being a franchise partner

LOOP is a different fitness concept. And with that concept, we have achieved great growth and success in recent years. As a franchisee in LOOP Fitness, you become part of a well-known and respected, international brand, which gives you a solid starting point for creating a successful business from day one.

Three times a year, all franchisees and LOOP Fitness Spain SL meet for joint meetings, where we discuss the chain’s development. For these meetings, everyone is expected to contribute actively with attitudes and ideas.

LOOP Fitness is your business

As a franchise partner, you are self-employed and responsible for running and developing your business. But as part of a chain, you are supported by LOOP’s head office and your many colleagues. So even though you are self-employed, you are certainly not alone. That’s just one of the benefits of being a franchise partner.

In everyday life, you have a free framework to develop your business, as long as you follow the framework set out for the concept. And you can always draw on the chain’s agreements and advice in marketing, finance, development or anything else to the extent you need it.

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Benefits as a franchise partner

  • Well-known brand with a strong visual identity
  • Ongoing training, guidance and advice from the chain office
  • Good purchasing agreements and joint marketing
  • Relatively low start-up costs with more financing options
  • Concepts and manuals for almost everything, so you only have to spend your time on sales, member service and development in the center
  • Good opportunities to “break even” after only a few months of operation and achieve a liquidity surplus in the first year of running.

What do we expect of you?

You get a lot given, but in the end, your success is dependent on your efforts and attitude towards doing business. A successful franchisee takes an active part in the daily operation and marketing of the centre and is happy to work in the centre himself. In addition, you must also be able to motivate and develop your employees, so that together you create a centre that is characterized by commitment and high satisfaction among both employees and members.

We do not require you to provide a specific background or experience. Instead, we expect you to be serious, committed, loyal and willing to work hard to build and maintain your business.

LOOP Fitness is for you if you have the following mindset and qualifications:

  • Management skills that motivate and develop your employees
  • Business drive which ensures that you constantly optimize your centre
  • Readiness for change, as LOOP is constantly growing and evolving
  • Skills in sales and service that help to ensure high customer satisfaction
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My dream was to create a business. When I finally took the leap, LOOP was the obvious choice. It is an international brand that supports you and puts its professional resources at your disposal. The truth is that I feel very comfortable and confident being a member of LOOP Fitness Spain SL. They put everything on their part so that I can focus on the day-to-day life of my centre.

Pernille Adler Terp, owner of LOOP San Javier

Responsibility for own success

You are first and foremost responsible for your own success. It’s your business. But you also have a responsibility to the LOOP Fitness brand and the concept. Therefore, we expect you to:

  • At all times try to achieve the greatest possible turnover in your centre
  • Ensures that the centre lives up to the requirements and standards that are part of the concept
  • Has a chain understanding and adheres to LOOP’s concept, culture and values
  • Works independently with the daily operation of the centre
  • Creates good financial results

What can you expect from us?

As a franchisor, LOOP Fitness Spain SL  is responsible for ensuring you the best possible framework and conditions for creating a healthy business. This includes the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Continuous opening of new LOOP centres as long as the market allows
  • Nationwide marketing of LOOP Fitness throughout the year
  • Advantageous chain agreements on purchasing, insurance and service agreements
  • Continuous development of the concept
  • Training offers for centre managers and hourly employees
  • Ongoing store visits from a retail consultant with advice on operations and marketing
Loop Fitness - San Javier - Sala de Ejercicio

Economic forecast

Your income and salary as a franchisee will depend on the good running of the centre. Better work, higher earnings. In the end, the numbers correspond to the number of registered members.

An annual salary is budgeted for each manager in all centers.

Do you want to be part of our success?

Send an email to Carsten Lange on: franquicia@loopfitness.es

Meet Pernille, our Franchise Partner

Why choose LOOP Fitness? Let Pernille tell you.

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