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Training in LOOP

24 minutes is enough. That is our mantra.

LOOP Fitness is based on a unique concept and a different approach to fitness. With us, there is room for everyone, and our goal is to create a relaxing and spacious training environment where our members can disconnect and enjoy a quick and effective workout. 

Training does not have to be complicated. In fact, the principles for improving fitness are simple. And we apply them in an effective and relaxing way, in 24 intense minutes.

LOOP is for everyone – all training levels, all body shapes and all ages. The most important thing is that your training suits you so that you get a good experience.

LOOP Fitness is for you if you are looking for results, but you also want time to dedicate to other important things in your life. Our system offers the convenience of starting training whenever you want, without waiting, and in just 24 minutes.

The concept behind circuit training

LOOP Fitness is effective circuit training and is performed on 16 machines arranged in a circle. The machines are in a very specific order, so your workout is varied and you can just relax your mind and let your body do the work for 24 minutes. You get your heart rate up, sweat on your forehead and work out your body’s large muscle groups as you move around the circle. At the end you will feel like new!

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I like the comfort of the system, it gives me confidence and security. The system is innovative, you work your whole body without having to wait for a turn to use a free machine.

Lorena Fernández, member of LOOP Fitness San Javier, Murcia

Get a free trial lesson

Not sure what LOOP Fitness is or if it’s for you? We are happy to provide a free trial lesson. You can quickly and easily book a trial lesson in your nearest LOOP centre or here on the site.

Loop Fitness - San Javier - Entrenamiento

Beefit – Track your workout

With Beefit, you have all your training statistics at your fingertips – completely free. You can see how many kilos you have lifted, how many repetitions you have taken and much more. All you need is a Beefit watch or bracelet that you pair with a free app and then you’re ready to set new records.

Loop Fitness - Entrena y relájate

Get a FREE LOOP Check

It is quite obvious to have a LOOP Check done if you want to see what the training in LOOP does to your body and health. Here you see, among other things, your fat percentage, muscle mass and body age. LOOP Check is free when you are a member of LOOP. So you decide for yourself how often you want a status on your workout and your health.

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LOOP is different. The sessions are shorter and more effective. Since you can have tea or coffee after training, from Monday to Sunday, I have met some very nice people during those times. With a gym like this, there is no excuse.

Pedro Sáez, member of San Javier Murcia
Loop Fitness - San Javier - Entrenamiento y diversión


Do you get the most out of your training? Your body can do more than you think! At LOOP Max, the instructor helps you take your training to new heights. You can choose between several different LOOP Max teams, depending on whether you want to improve your strength, fitness or other qualities.

Frequent questions and answers

We get a lot of good questions. That’s why we’ve put them together in one overview so you can quickly find the answer you’re looking for. If you do not find the answer to your question, you are of course always welcome to contact us.

 The machines in the circle

The machines in the LOOP circle are designed to train your whole body as effectively as possible. You reach through all the major muscle groups and also get your pulse up through the cardio exercises. The machines are in a very specific order, so your training is varied and you can do each exercise in the best possible way.

Trained instructors

As a member of LOOP, you get access to our skilled instructors without having to pay big sums for their time. They are specially trained to advise you on your training and help you set realistic goals and follow your development. You can always book a meeting with an instructor – and it’s always completely free.