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It’s not just the training in LOOP that is simple, our prices are too.

We have one subscription that is the same for everyone – except that we have chosen to make it a little cheaper for children and adolescents.

There is always free coffee or tea after training. In addition, the following are always included in all subscriptions.

LOOP Fitness tiers

LOOP Fitness

From 32,99€ / 30 days excl. Registration fee from 5,99€

From 32,99€

From 32,99€ / 30 days excl. Registration fee from 5,99€

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Vacation pass

Do you need to train only a few days?

Contact your local Gym

Payment terms and memberships

Subscription payments are charged by debit or credit card, every 30 days. You can read the specific conditions of your membership here.


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Get a FREE LOOP Check

A service free of charge to keep track of your weight, fat percentage, muscle mass etc.

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Training in LOOP

Discover everything that LOOP has to offer you. This page summarizes all the sections of our gyms.

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Machines Guide

Everything you need to know about the machines in our circuit and how to use them.

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