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Circle Training

LOOP Fitness features a unique circle training concept, ensuring a complete full-body workout in just 24 minutes.

 Within one circle there are sixteen machines that provide optimal strength and cardio stimuli. The circuit provides a unique combination of exercises that will get you in shape in 24 minutes.

Individualized training

Although all people go through the same loop, each machine is adjustable to fit the load to their liking and capacity. After all, we are all different and the machines are built to this exact fact; protecting your body from injuries and ensuring a safe steady improvement of your condition and strength. Additionally, the loop is adapted to fit any age, previous experience and physical condition.

The results will be the consequence of your effort. It’s that easy and simple.

How does it work?

Whether you are in a directed class or come on your own, it is as simple as choosing a machine and starting to use it. Remember, the first station will be the starting point for your workout and you will move one machine at the time.

When you use a machine for 45 seconds, you will hear a DING sound. As soon as possible, go to the next machine, and then successively continue this loop for every new DING. 

After just two rounds in the circuit your training is complete in just 24 minutes! You are welcome to take another round, but remember that the 24 is enough – so give it all you have. 

Do you want to know which machines the circuit entails and how to use them? Here you will find the list and their member guide.

Loop Fitness - San Javier - Entrenamiento circular - 24 minutos

Training based on the HIIT method. When less is more!

LOOP’s circuit training concept is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Some of the benefits of HIIT are, among other things, that it boosts your fat burning and your afterburn, it strengthens your fitness and you get in good shape faster.

That is why we say with peace of mind and conviction in our voices that – 24 minutes of fitness, that’s enough.

Training at your own pace or join a class

At LOOP we want training to be simple and effective. At any time of the day you can come and do two laps of the circuit at your own pace.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a directed class, we have several throughout the day. We call these LOOP Max, and depending on the type of session, we will work different physical targets. For example, one session may put more emphasis on strength and another on cardio. Read more about the classes run here.

As the centres remain open outside of staffed opening hours, we kindly remind you to have completed a trial class before being able to use the gym on your own. However, during the staffed time slot, the instructors will be present to supervise the circuits and will be at your disposal to help you meet your training goals.

Reserved Circles

At LOOP we like to create a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. However, we are aware that some members are more comfortable training exclusively among women.

We want all our members to feel comfortable and safe, and to love the experience of training, without any barriers. For this reason, in several centres we have circles reserved for women. We give the option, the decision is yours 💚

Read more about training in LOOP

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