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Get a FREE LOOP Check

If you want to see what exercise does to your body and health, we offer ongoing body analysis in the form of LOOP Check.

Here you get measured where we check your  weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, among other things. LOOP Check is a great way to keep your motivation up and gives you a more complete picture of your body than just a regular weight check.

LOOP Check is free when you are a member of LOOP. So you decide for yourself how often you want a status on your workout and your health.

Get a full body analysis

It is best practice to get a LOOP Check when you start in LOOP, so you can follow your progress. All your LOOP Check will be displayed on your member page when you are logged in and you can see how your body develops over time.

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A status of your health

With a LOOP Check, you get your weight measured and your whole body analyzed. Here you get measurements on the following:

  • Fluid balance (the total percentage of fluid in your body.)
  • Muscle weight (the total weight of your muscles measured in kg.)
  • Bone weight (the estimated weight of your bones measured in kg.)
  • Resting metabolism (your burning of calories at rest)
  • Abdominal fat (the amount of fat around your organs measured on a scale of 1-59. The normal range is 1-12.)
  • Metabolic age (your body age calculated from all the measured values.)

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Push yourself to the max. Join a class with an instructor and work specific qualities such as strength or endurance.

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Track your workout

Bracelets and watches with Beefit technology to save all your training data.

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