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Get more out of your workout


Your body can do more than you think. At LOOP Max, our instructors help you get the most out of your training.

In addition to the possibility of individual adjustments of intensity and load in LOOP’s standard circle training program, classes can also be held in periods with a focus on specific elements in the training to allow for further variation. We call these classes LOOP Max.

The classes are for those who want to vary their training – and they are completely voluntary. See in your local centre if / when LOOP Max takes place.

Vary your training with LOOP Max

You can choose between several different LOOP Max teams, depending on whether you want to improve your strength, fitness or something else entirely. The various LOOP Max teams focus on either strength, cardio or functional training.

Loop Fitness - San Javier - Entrenamiento y diversión

Fitness, strength, and functional training

LOOP Max has four types of classes:


A class with focus on high intensity and maximum load during the training, which ensures you the hardest possible execution of the LOOP training program. The instructor focuses on everyone in the circle and ensures that everyone will be training at their maximum intensity on the cardio equipment and with the highest possible load on the strength machines. The purpose is to work with a maximum improvement of both fitness and muscle mass and in the long run increase fat burning.

LOOP Max Pulse

A class where the instructor only focuses on the participants having a high heart rate during the training. It is a class where you have to provide maximum intensity (speed) on the cardio equipment and perform as many repetitions as possible on the strength machines. This will ensure a high heart rate throughout the workout. The purpose of this is to achieve improved fitness.

LOOP Max Strength

A class where the instructor primarily focuses on training with a high load. This means a process where you have to lift as many kilos as possible on the strength machines and thus also get fewer repetitions. The cardio equipment plays a minor role here – however, there is a focus on maximum load on, for example, the bikes. This ensures as high a load on the muscle tissue as possible. This stimulates muscle building, and the increased muscle mass helps to improve fat burning.

LOOP Max Function

A class where the instructor combines the well-known LOOP training program in machines with varying exercises of a functional nature. For example, the cardio stations (bicycle and rowing machine) can be replaced with four functional exercises such as jumping squats, plank, burpees, or similar. The purpose of this class is to vary the LOOP training and at the same time work with coordination and balance ability – including strengthening of eg. your core.

Loop Fitness - San Javier - 24 minutos son suficientes

Check with your centre the availability of LOOP Max classes.

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