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Membership Questions

How do I register?

You can register on this website or by contacting your nearest centre. You can also do it in person.

Do I have to sign up on a specific day of the month?

No. The subscription to LOOP Fitness starts the day you choose. It is charged every 30 day, therefore, the payday is different for each member.

If you are in the middle of the month, you don’t have to wait to register. You can start whenever you want!

How do I pause my subscription?

If you cannot come but want to remain a member of LOOP Fitness, you can pause your subscription. With a paused subscription, you only have to pay € 1 per month. You can keep it like that for 6 months.

To go through the procedure, head to your local centre or contact us by e-mail.

How do I cancel my subscription? Can I do it at any time?

You can cancel your subscription, that is, unsubscribe, any day of the month. Simply log in to your member page here and choose unsubscribe membership in the menu.  It can only be done online. If you need assistance please call your local center or ask when you next visit.

Twenty-four minutes … is that really enough?

Yes. Our training is based on the HIIT methodology, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. There are many studies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of this training, both to lose fat and to improve strength or endurance.

HIIT gets more done in less time, and  you can forget about the hour long cardio sessions.

Is the circuit very difficult?

Anyone can train in LOOP Fitness. Our circuits are suitable for all types of physical condition. When you come for the first time, we will evaluate your goals, expectations and needs, and explain in detail how to use the facilities.

Once in the circuit, you can adjust the load of each machine to your capabilities. Dare to try, you will see how easy it is to train with us, in a couple of sessions you will already have peace of mind!

How often do I change machines?

An acoustic signal marks the beginning and the end of each exercise in the circuit. First, you will hear the start signal. When you have completed 45 seconds on the machine, you will hear a new beep. It’s time to change machines! Unless the monitor indicates otherwise, change to the one on your right.

What kind of people train in LOOP?

In LOOP Fitness you will find all kinds of people; young and old, big and small, beginners and advanced. What do all our members have in common? They want to train calmly and with good vibes. LOOP Fitness is a space for everyone – informal and welcoming.

Do you have a circuit only for women?

In several gyms there are extra circuits, exclusively for women. They are usually in the largest centers. In the small centres, there will be a circle for everyone.

Do I have to come to a directed class?

No, you can come whenever you want and train on your own. Simply enter a circle where there is room.

If you prefer directed classes, check the LOOP Max schedules of your centre. Each class emphasizes different qualities, such as strength or endurance.

Can I train in any LOOP center?

Of course! One of the advantages of LOOP is being able to train in several different centres. Even if you have registered in one centre and train there regularly, you can enter any LOOP Fitness in the world!

I have never trained. Where do I begin?

Call us, send us an e-mail or go to your nearest centre. We will start with a free class where we will teach you how to use the equipment, we will consult with you and design a personalized roadmap.

What kind of clothes do I wear?

You don’t need any special clothes. Come as you feel comfortable. We recommend you wear a shirt and shorts, so you can move more freely.

As a rule, LOOP Fitness does not allow the upper body to be exposed.

What type of footwear do I wear?

This answer depends on each centre, as the footwear policy may vary. For hygiene reasons, in many centres we do ask you to wear only indoor footwear. Entering with street shoes would leave the center dirty and affect hygiene while training.

If any centre allows the use of outdoor shoes, clean them on the doormat before entering.

If any centre requires a specific shoe, there will be a sign explaining it and they will indicate it to you at the reception when you go to sign up.

For more information on footwear, contact the specific centre where you are going to train.

How much weight can I lose training with you?

No gym or coach can tell you how much weight you are going to lose. At LOOP Fitness we bring together talented people, but we still don’t have anyone with the ability to guess the future.

What we can tell you is that you will use more energy in our high intensity circuit than in low intensity cardio sessions. In 24 minutes, we will give your body a very powerful stimulus following the HIIT method. It is scientifically proven that it is much more efficient than those endless cardio sessions.

I am an intermediate or advanced athlete. Would I fit in at LOOP?

Of course! Our training based on high intensity intervals benefits all types of profiles. With our training you will be stronger, more resistant and you will gain muscle mass, factors that will help you in your sport.

Another benefit of our training is reducing the probability of injury during sports. If you have any extra questions about how LOOP can contribute to your sport, get in touch with the centre staff.

I am not in very good shape. Can I use a fitness machine?

Our machines are designed to execute a simple, correct and safe movement pattern. As long as you can move from machine to machine and perform movements, it doesn’t matter what level you have. Book a free trial session and let us advise you on the best way to start and progress at your own pace.

I go running twice a week. How can LOOP help me get fit?

Strength training has proven to have great benefits for runners. You will improve your race economy and be more efficient. Also, if you have more muscle mass around the joints, and your tendons are more adapted to work under tension, the chances of injuring yourself when you go jogging will decrease.

I feel discomfort or have heart problems. Can I train in LOOP?

Before starting to exercise, it is very important that your doctor has made an assessment and has given you approval. If you feel any discomfort, consult your doctor and make sure you inform us of your needs.

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